Sulforaphane benefits- Why sulforaphane he have so many benefits?

Sulforaphane benefits- Why sulforaphane he have so many benefits?

Sulforaphane is the strongest natural source of NRF2 factor stimulator found in humans. 

The NRF2 factor is the master switch of a large number of protective enzymes in the human body. Activating the NRF2 factor is equivalent to opening the human body’s protective umbrella.

There is a function in the human body, it has a protective umbrella called NRF2.

For the secret of the sulforaphane benefits: this thing is closed and not activated. NRF2 is activated by sulforaphane. Therefore, the body protects itself. Under normal circumstances, the free radicals in the body are generated and removed at the same time. There is a balance. Therefore, the human body can remain healthy.


However, the number of various free radicals in the body increases greatly under conditions such as diabetes, environmental pollution, and smoking. But there are not enough free radical scavenging enzymes to remove the gene damage caused by their accumulation of free radicals, which can lead to various diseases such as cancer intake.


The NRF2 factor is stimulated and mobilized in the human body to rapidly increase the number of various free radical scavenging enzymes, and remove excess free radicals in time, thereby effectively preventing various diseases such as cancer. What’s particularly ingenious is that in the case of a fever, the body thinks that it will also stimulate the NRF2 factor to protect itself when it is attacked by a foreign body.


At the same time, the sulforaphane benefits may effects on the brain nerves of autistic patients. The use of sulforaphane to relieve the core symptoms of autism is the clever use of sulforaphane to stimulate the NRF2 factor. It makes the human body simulate part of the physiological response caused by fever, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. At the same time, the side effects of fever are avoided.

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