About Us

Kangdu group

Is a professional supplier of natural ingredients in North of China. Located in Hebei province which is nearby Beijing, China’s capital.

In 1990s,Mr. Wang Mengbo, the builder of Kangdu group, started to plant the Chinese herb in his hometown.

In 2016, Mr. Wang Mengbo built the Kangdu group and promoted the herb planting and processing. The owned planting base has large to about 400hm2. And help thousands of farmers to plant the herb.

For now, Kangdu group enterprise includes building, herb planting & processing, agriculture, natural extract etc.

For the broccoli seed extract

Kangdu team has donated in the industrialization of sulforaphane for years. We lead the research and has countless trails till now.

Kangdu is the only processing base for broccoli seed extract in north of China, since 2021.